Get to Know Us

“Hi!” from Jeff and Garth is the brain child of Jeff Wagner and Garth Haverford – that’s us! I (Jeff) was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1987, and Garth came into the world a few weeks later. We met in high school, and we’re still friends mainly because he married my sister, Natalie (hey sis!). My business and programming degree, Garth’s degree in religious studies, and our shared passion for playing the lottery brought us here. We live a few blocks away from each other in a suburb of Minneapolis. It’s just the two of us running this site for now, but we hope to grow it – if we get lucky!

Garth Haverford

Some Well-Placed Passion
We’re both passionate about the idea of “luck.” I’m the kind of guy who has a lucky pair of socks, lucky underwear, lucky drink, lucky song; you get the picture. Garth went to school and essentially got a degree in the luck of other cultures by way of studying religion. We wanted to explore that intersection where luck and the lottery line up. Our wives think we’re crazy buying into rabbits’ feet and horseshoes – and they thought we plum lost our minds when we announced we wanted to set up a site just as focused on luck and the lotto as we are! Think of lucky numbers, bet it astrology numbers or fortune cookies, luck is there to be seized!
Jeff WagnerYa Feelin’ Lucky?
It’s hard to deny that luck is a real thing when you have a tale to tell like Garth does, though. Fresh out of high school, he and I decided to take a trip down the river to Iowa to visit the floating casino there. He was skeptical when I told him my gambling ritual – lucky socks and such. He already knew he wanted to study religion, and he dismissed it all as imaginative mythology. Until I won $10,000 in a single day, and he lost more than he had to spend. Day two, I encouraged him to take my lucky articles and see for himself. Garth earned back everything he had lost and then some! Our mutual love for luck and lotto was born.


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