Casinos and Tourism Could Make Australia Even Richer

Thanks to abundant natural resources and a strong work ethic, the Commonwealth of Australia is one of the most prosperous nations in our planet. Over the last few decades, the mining boom of mineral-rich has been a major boost to the economy of Queensland, a prosperous state in northeastern Australia, but high officials from the local government believe that casinos can bring on even more prosperity to this region.

Queen's Wharf resortA mega casino project in the city of Brisbane was recently awarded to a consortium led Echo Entertainment and two Asian enterprises. This major project includes a large casino resort, which will be bolstered by five hotels, an entertainment area served by dozens of dance clubs, pubs and restaurants, a cinema center, and three condominium towers.

Attracting Asian Tourists

The Queen’s Wharf resort and casino development is set to boost the Queensland economy by attracting tourist from Asian nations that are even more prosperous than Australia. Recent tourism surveys taken around the Asian continent indicate that gambling tourists have a strong interest in visiting Australia, and Queensland wants to be their first choice.

Echo Entertainment believes that about 8,000 jobs could be created once the Queen’s Wharf is completed, but a prominent senator has already issued a warning. According to Senator Nick Xenophon, a firm opponent to casinos in Australia, the project in Queensland will be somewhat of a gambler’s fallacy. The Senator believes that the boost to the local economy will only be short-lived, and he also thinks that gambling addiction will quickly develop in the state.

Senator Xenophon has mentioned that the existing casinos in Queensland have not really succeeded in improving the economy; however, these gaming venues have not actually been designed to attract tourists.