Experts Examine Link Between Mobile Casinos and Gambling Addiction

Mobile CasinosOnline gambling, online sports betting, and mobile casinos are enormous profit generators for Australian gambling companies. For example, experts suggest that mobile casinos will rake in upwards of $750 million over the next 12 months from sports betting activities. This number is up more than 16% from sports betting revenue generated by online betting websites and mobile casinos in 2014.

As a consequence, anti-gambling advocates are concerned that sports gambling is becoming far too ubiquitous in Australia. These writers and activists also believe that there are more gambling addicts in Australia than any other country in the world. The reason gambling is now so popular in the country is that casinos are accessible to people directly from their phones or personal computers.

Accessibility and Gambling Addiction Issues

This ease of accessibility worries anti-gambling activists because mobile casinos are becoming just as common as fixed-odds betting terminals in Australia. Betting machines have been linked to a rise in gambling addiction in Australia, and non-profit groups are concerned that mobile casinos could make gambling addiction even more prominent within the country.

Charles Livingstone, a professor at Monash University, believes that mobile gambling and online casinos could cause a “tsunami” of gambling problems over the next few years.

Minimizing Gambling Addiction in the Digital Age

While some people in Australia would like to ban mobile casinos and online gambling outright, most advocates and organizations just want to reduce the prevalence of gambling addiction in the country.

Charles Livingstone believes that an excellent way to reduce gambling addiction in Australia is to ban mobile casino advertisements on television. Livingstone hopes that banning casino commercials would limit how frequently young men are exposed to gambling.

Livingstone also suggests that the Australian government should employ a pre-commitment system for gamblers and mobile casinos. The commitment system would limit the amount of money a gambler could bet in a given week or month.