Prophecy and Wishful-Thinking

Inside most fortune cookies, there is a prophecy about your life and a set of numbers. The numbers happen to pair up with the number of blanks in the lotto; what better way to fill in a lottery ticket than with numbers randomly generated and assigned? Fortune cookies are the epitome of lucky numbers. There are as purposeless, unpredictable and uncontrollable as they come! Please visit real online slots and win.


GrandFortuneCasinoFortune cookies are a Western interpretation of Chinese tradition, and seeing as China is an ancient culture with some of its history, religion, and customs shrouded in mystery and mysticism, associating fortune cookies with luck is a natural next-step. The fact that people have won the lottery playing numbers from the back of fortune cookie fortunes helps propel the trend. One woman won two million dollars playing the lotto with numbers she got from a fortune cookie!

The odds of winning the lottery are slim to none, so any chance that a lucky cookie can help it along is a chance worth taking! The numbers on the fortune had to come from somewhere in the first place, so maybe those randomly generated digits are actually the cosmically sent lucky break you’ve been waiting for!