How Canada Benefits from Online Casinos

While the United States has remained averse to embracing online casino culture, Canada has benefited in many ways from legalizing online gambling and digital casinos. Over the past 9 years, the online gambling market in Canada has grown tremendously. For example, online casinos have raked in over $6.2 billion in revenue so far in 2015. This record-breaking revenue is up from the $5.3 billion that Canada-based online casinos made in 2006.

iGaming’s Success Helps Online Gambling in Canada

laptop_gamblingExperts believe that iGaming is the main reason why online casinos have become so successful in Canada. iGaming makes over $1 billion every year, thanks in large part to the company’s virtual casinos, Royal Vegas, Betway, and 32Red Casino.

One benefit offered by iGaming that is not found elsewhere in Canada’s increasingly crowded online casino market is that iGaming’s casinos allow gamblers to play against gamblers who have the same amount of gambling experience as they do.

Novice gamblers can play Texas Hold ‘Em against other inexperienced card players. On the other hand, experienced gamblers can square off against other long-time players. This ensures that new gamblers can develop their betting skills in a safe, friendly environment. iGaming’s customized casino play also protects beginners from losing large sums of money to more veteran bettors.

Facebook is another popular gambling platform in Canada. Like iGaming, Facebook’s free gambling games allow inexperienced bettors to make free bets to hone their craft. Various gambling companies have also started hosting poker tournaments through Facebook.

Traditional Casinos See Boost in Revenue

An unexpected benefit offered by Canadian online casinos is that brick-and-mortar gambling centers in many of Canada’s biggest cities have also seen a jump in revenue. Experts believe that online casinos are responsible for helping to boost the profile of traditional casinos in the country.