Lottery Ticket – The Movie (2010)

The 2010 comedy movie Lottery Ticket is the story of a young man who wins BIG!

Kevin Carsons life is about to get shaken up. Kevin lives in the projects with his grandmother, down on his luck and working hard at Footlocker in the hopes that it will lead to fulfilling his dream of owning his own sneaker line. Things start to turn around for him when – despite everyone else in the neighborhood hoping and praying that they’ll be the lucky one – Kevin discovers he has the winning $370 million lottery ticket. Unfortunately, alliances change when Kevin comes into money; friends show their true colors, only sticking around for Kevin’s money.

This film shows the lows and highs that come from winning the lottery, starring Bow Wow as the main character, Kevin Carson; Brandon T. Jackson as Kevin’s friend Benny; legendary rapper Ice Cube in the role of Jerome “Thump” Washington; and Terry Crews from the show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” as Jimmy. From small dreams of someday owning his own sneaker line to having the cash to buy his own sneaker factory if he wanted to, Kevin is as lucky as they come.