Lotto Numbers

Lucky Numbers and Their Meaning

When playing the lottery, it’s hard to know where to start when choosing your numbers.Lottery Winners – This is where lucky numbers step up to the plate! Family birthdays, anniversaries, graduation dates all make prime lotto numbers and have personal lucky value.


There are some other lucky numbers you can call on as well. You may have noticed people favoring the numbers 1, 3, 7, and 9, among others, as “lucky numbers.” In number theory, these numbers are actually part of a larger set of numbers legitimately called “lucky numbers.” Coincidentally, 3 and 7 are numbers that pop up in quite a few places:

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-The Triple Goddess of Wicca
-The Three Pure Ones of Taoism
-The Hindu Tridevi
The Hindu Trimurti
-The Christian Holy Trinity
-The Three Jewels of Buddhism
-The three fairies in Sleeping Beauty
-The three witches in Macbeth

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-Seven deadly sins
-Seven days in a week
-Seven seas
-Seven Continents
Seven colors in the rainbow
-Seven Wonders of the ancient world

Watch out for the number thirteen though; it is considered unlucky, so much so that many buildings omit the “thirteenth floor” and skip directly from twelve to fourteen on elevator buttons and stairwell signs.