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Play Dragons Fortune at Lucky 247 Casino

If you’re an avid gambling enthusiast who’s looking for a lotto-style casino game with a bit of an edge, Dragons Fortune might just be the game for you. Offering a basic match-the-balls-to-win premise but set against a colourful backdrop of Chinese folklore, Dragons Fortune puts an interesting spin on the ball-match casino game – breathing new life into lotto-inspired gaming as a result.

Dragons Fortune may look a little daunting, with a wild-eyed blood-red dragon roaring fire across the game screen from the moment you hit play. But never fear, winning on this lotto-style casino game is easy and simple. All a player needs to do is match up two of the same symbols, and they’ll be awarded a cash prize or casino credit. Amounts vary depending on how much the player places as an initial bet.

After placing a wager and hitting play, the dragon on screen will then cough up six separate balls – each of them carrying a particular Chinese symbol. If two of the same symbols emerge, the player is entitled to a prize. Every symbol represents a different multiplier, so the amount a player wins also depends on which symbol pops up, as well as the wager they placed at the beginning.

Dragons Fortune is optimized for mobile play, allowing users to download the game straight to their phone and battle against the dragon balls whilst they are out and about and away from their PC. Dragon Fortune is incredibly easy, utterly absorbing, and extremely fun to play, and for any Lotto-lovers desiring something new with a bit of a kick – this online game at Lucky 247 Casino is certainly worth a look.