Lucky Rabbits Loot Online Slot

In many cultures, rabbit feet are carried as a token of luck. This practice can be found in Europe, China, Africa, North America, and South America. The practice is thought to have started in Europe around 600BC, started by the Celtic people. This makes rabbits a practical choice when it comes to design an online slot. Lucky Rabbits Loot Online Slot is filled with cute, furry rabbits that impart some of their good luck to the game play. The slot has 50 lines and 5 reels. It is decorated like a bunny-appropriate Easter egg with a pastel pallet. The illustrations are reminiscent of a storybook fairytale. Everything about this slot is whimsical and lighthearted and lucky. There are birds, clouds, and other dreamy, serene elements to make game play a relaxing experience, almost like a walk in the park. Every time you spin, a chorus of chimes sends you to a wonderland of melodies. An acoustic guitar serenades you whenever you have a winning spin.

These lucky rabbits even make sure you have an opportunity for free spins! There are up to eight free spins tucked away in this online slot to make your winnings even luckier. Lucky Rabbits Loot Online Slot is the epitome of a relaxing, blissful slot game. Just like rabbits’ feet brought early American trappers and settlers luck as they traversed the country, so will these rabbits bring you luck when you play online slots!

Hop on over and give it a go!