Lucky Streak Online Slot

We’ve all been there, whether it’s shooting hoops, rolling dice, or just guessing what song will be on the radio next: where there’s luck, there are also lucky streaks. Lucky Streak Online Slot is an opportunity to put your luck under the microscope. How long can you keep it up? Find out with this great online slot that features the classic images of fruits and vegetables! The old-timey graphics will make you feel like you’re in a casino instead of in the comfort of your own home. With five reels, 20 paylines, auto play, free spins, scatter symbols, and wild symbols, Lucky Streak Online Slot does most of the guesswork for you, and you rake in the winnings. Luck is plentiful and play is brightly colored and fun to watch.

Three scatter symbols have the extra-lucky bonus feature of unlocking a special game, which helps you achieve the maximum number of credits. Lucky Streak is true to its name and offers countless opportunities to better your chances and up your game.

A lucky streak is an alluring vixen – the instant you realize you’re on a roll, it gets easier and easier to keep going. Lucky Streak Online Slot offers some fruitful opportunities for blissful lucky streaks. Be careful though; lucky streaks have to end sometime (if only they could go on forever!), so be sure to pull out before the tables turn! Maybe call on some of your personal lucky numbers to help you determine how many times in a row you should take your chances.