Play Pick N’ Switch at Crazy Vegas Casino

For a fun-filled, Lotto-style game with a colourful, vibrant atmosphere, there really is no better place to look than Crazy Vegas Casino, where the classic Pick N’ Switch casino game is ready to play at a moment’s notice. Anyone who enjoys playing the Lotto on a regular basis will get a real kick out of Pick N’ Switch – which is essentially a computer-generated version of the famous ball-drawing game; with a few spicy additions thrown in for good measure.

Boasting some glossy graphics and a stirring audio track, Crazy Vegas Casino’s Pick N’ Switch casino game is invigorating, involving and immensely exciting. The aim of the game couldn’t be simpler either. Five balls pop up from five tubes on screen. These balls will either be blue, yellow, red or green. All the player needs to do is match five of the same coloured ball in order to win. Each coloured ball represents a different multiplier too, meaning that different winning rows will entitle players to different win amounts. In some cases, players may be awarded up to one hundred times the amount they initially put down as a bet. Players also have the option to “hold” balls in one place, allowing them to narrow their odds of winning staggeringly high amounts of money.

Pick N’ Switch is fast, frantic, and a heck of a lot of fun. For anyone who harbours any sort of love for Lotto play, it’s certainly worth logging onto Crazy Vegas Casino and playing this lucky ball game to see what you can win.