The Lotto Marriage

Why Do People Play the Lottery?

People play the lottery because they like it! The lottery is our highest achievement when it comes to “things that give us hope.” The odds of winning a $590 million jackpot is roughly in 1 in 175 million, but those odds are nothing compared to the dreams we have when we think about what we would do with $590 million.
Humans are set apart from other animals in several ways, but one of the key things about us is that we are able to imagine. We imagine what it would be like to be astronauts; we imagine what it would be like to be birds; we imagine what it would be like to win millions of dollars, retire early, and buy our own island. This imagination and dreaming shelters us from the reality of 1 in 175 million odds and highlights for us the nature of luck.
Without luck, no one would ever play the lottery hence the lotto marriage exists! The lottery without luck is like pizza without a crust. With luck, however, the possibility of actually winning the lottery seems feasible. Statistics tell us we can’t, but luck tells us absolutely, you can win the lottery! The lottery is the ultimate dream. It can never be a goal because it’s something we can’t actually control, which makes it all the better. It’s nice to occasionally have the reins taken out of our hands, especially if there’s the chance it will lead to excessive wealth.